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英国(大不列颠及北爱尔兰联合王国)作为欧洲和世界金融中心,吸引着与日俱增 的投资者,消费者和外国移民的到来。伦敦Walden Way & Co会计师事务所 ( )作为中国大陆企业走向英国的第一站,接下来我们将简 单为您介绍在英国的商业环境下企业所享有的优势。

UK (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland) is one of biggest international financial and economic centers. It is attracting increasing number investors, consumers and immigrations from around the world. Walden Way &Co ( ) is based in Stratford in London; we are now acting as the first stop for Chinese companies to land onto UK and EU. In the following we are going to introduce major advantages clients will have via establishing your company in the UK.
1. 语言优势

英语作为世界第一语言,在经济/政治/生活的各个领域被各国广泛地接受,在英国 创建公司或将中国企业扩展至海外可以使企业走向国际化,加强加深与欧洲国家同 行业公司的交流,采用先进的管理方式,从而提高竞争力和市场占有份额。


Being first language on the world, English is widely accepted and used in each area and business field for hundreds years. It is easier for business to be international if you open a subsidiary or a new company in UK. This can help you to strengthen the communication with competitors from different countries, conduct advanced business management in order to boost the profit and market share.

2. 商业环境

英国的经济与商业环境较国内更为宽松,受政府政策影响较小。例如:在英国注册 公司,只需登录英国政府网站在线注册,整个过程不超过24小时,花费只需15英 镑(折合人民币150元)。企业注册成功之后, 我们便可以及时为您解决会计/审计/ 工资/税务/财务报表等各个环节可能遇到的问题。

近年来欧盟和英国政府一直致力于优化企业的生存环境,减少法律法规对商业主体 的影响,加大这方面的政府投入以帮助企业的健康成长。

另一方面,英国是全世界最早的法治国家之一,拥有相当完善的法律体系。因此 ,您和您的公司将会在自由参与市场竞争的同时享受全面的法律保障。

Corporate Environment

Businesses have higher degree of freedom if they operating in UK. The government has less regulations and strict upon business and the market. For example, it only takes 24hours to register a company in UK and what you need to pay is only £15(equal to 150 RMB). When the registration process finished, you can start to run the business, and we are able to deal with any issue such as accounting, audit, payroll, financial report and taxation.

EU and UK government is making efforts to improve corporate environment and to reduce impact of regulation on businesses. Beneficial for small businesses, UK government is launching investment and campaign to boost small business development.

On the other hand, UK is oldest law society in the world. The English law system is completed and advanced to protect your business interests while you are free to taking part in the market competition.

3. 经济因素

3.1 货币因素

英镑作为世界通用货币,较高的币值和稳定的汇率使英国成为世界金融中心,也 为各类企业提供了保障。


Pound Sterling (GBP) is one of major circulating currencies in the world together with USD and EUR. It has higher purchase power than most of other currencies. In addition, the foreign exchange rate of GBP is relative steady even during last financial crisis; this is the fundamental issue for business operation.

3.2 财政金融因素

中国大陆一直存在着中小企业和小微企业融资难的问题,这大大限制了中国企业 的发展。与中国大陆不同的是,中小企业是英国经济的主体,汇丰银行(HSBC), 花 旗银行(CITI),巴克莱银行(Barclays)等各大银行都有为中小企业提供贷款的专项 服务,并且在金额,年限,利率和申请方式上都比国内更简便,更灵活。

Fiscal and financial factor

As has been existed for so many years, development of small and medium enterprises in China is limited by means of financing, i.e. loan application from banks. On the contrary, small business is the mainstream of UK economy. Loan application is available for different businesses from every major bank, for instance, HSBC, CITI, Barclays,Santander, etc. Besides, provisions of loan amount, period, interest rate and application process is much easier than that in domestically.

4. 生活环境

英国的自然和生活环境非常优越,只要拥有一份稳定的职业,便可以获得比国内更 高的生活质量和品质。另外,英国的教育体系也在世界上首屈一指。

Standard of Life
The natural environment and life is much better than in China. As long as you are employed full time, you will be capable to enjoy the beautiful life in UK. Also, the education system is among the top level on the world.

5. 我们的服务:

  • 市场调研

  • 商业企划

  • 企业注册

  • 财务规划

  • 税务管理

  • 国家保险(NI)

  • 知识产权规划

  • 公司选址

  • 签证申请和移民

We can help in the followings areas:

  • Market research

  • Business plan

  • registering a business in the UK

  • financial planning

  • tax in the UK

  • national Insurance

  • intellectual property rights

  • locations

  • visas and migration