Auditing is at the heart of the Walden Way & Co. Services. We understand that our clients need an efficient, professional, cost-effective service in basic compliance areas, and that is what we will provide them with. The key to our unique approach is a thorough understanding of your businesses and your aspirations. We aim to deliver value beyond that required to prepare or audit your accounts.

Our auditing service is of the highest standard and we take pride in the personal service we provide.​

Summary of our audit services:
  • Specialist Regulated Audits (e.g. Service Charge Audits)

  • Internal Audits

  • Voluntary Audit

  • Charity Audits

 As well as the auditor accounts preparation our service encompasses strategic planning, management of tax liabilities and day to day business advice.

The key characteristics of our approach are:
  • Open Communication with our client all the time

  • Transparent fees agreed in advance wherever possible

  • A responsive and accessible team

  • A professional but user-friendly approach, we make it easy for our clients to work with us

  • Identifying and dealing with key issues and opportunities as they arise

  • A thorough audit process led by senior members of our team, giving clients assurance over the information in their accounts

  • Close communication with our colleagues in the rest of the practice to ensure our clients obtain the full benefit of our specialist expertise in tax and corporate finance


This deeper level of understanding then helps us to tailor the audit programme to focus on any risky areas. This means that your business gets the maximum benefit from the process.

We work with your staff to ensure that disruption from day to day work is minimised. We will also work hard to meet any deadlines you might have and to ensure that all the regulatory requirements are met.

Service Charge Audits

The audit is an independent external review process that adds to the credibility of an entity’s disclosures, be it their annual financial statements, systems of internal control, or compliance with contractual or legislative obligations.

Service Charge Audit involves performing procedures to obtain evidence that a specified process is being followed to give occupiers sufficient comfort that there is no material misstatement within the information subject to the audit, in this case, the service charge accounts.

Accounting for service charges and service charge accounts in the property industry is a specialist area that requires expertise and an understanding of the sector.

Our specialist Audit team understands that a Property Service Charge Audit is a key procedure for landlords and tenants, and one where independence, timeliness, and transparency are of the utmost importance.

If you like the sound of working with people who really care, then we’d love to hear from you.

Not for Profit organisation / Charities

Most of the Charities are feeling the repercussions of the recession at the moment. With fewer donations to rely on, charities must look into ways in which they can maximise their income if they want to survive these hard times.

We’re expertly placed to help Charities look for ways in which they can do this. One of the main vehicles for maximising your income is through the use of Gift Aid.