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Walden Way & Co manages the website and its associated blog (collectively called the “Site”). It is dedicated to safeguarding the privacy of all visitors to the Site (“you” or “User”). The Site is exclusively intended for professional use.

By utilizing the Site, particularly by providing your personal or company information during registration, completing a contact form, or submitting a review, you explicitly consent to this Privacy Policy and fully agree to the collection, processing, and storage of your data by Walden Way & Co. You also consent to the disclosure or utilization of this personal data by specific third parties, as outlined in this Policy.

Please be aware that any information you provide to third parties or other Site users with whom you communicate via the Site will be gathered and utilized by those parties according to their respective privacy policies and terms. Walden Way & Co cannot guarantee that such parties adhere to the requirements outlined in data protection laws.


    Our website users are not required to provide personal information or register to browse, search, or compare software in our directory.

    However, we do collect and process personal data from registered users and those who submit forms on the Site for the following purposes:

    During the registration or form-filling process, fields marked with an asterisk (*) must be completed as they are necessary to prepare a response to the User’s request. If all fields are mandatory, this will be indicated at the top of the form, and no asterisks will be displayed. Completion of other fields is optional.

    By providing personal data, users guarantee its accuracy, truthfulness, and currency to reflect their current circumstances. Users are solely responsible for any inaccuracies, false information, errors, or mistakes in the provided personal information. They may be liable for any damages to Walden Way & Co or third parties. Users are encouraged to inform us of any changes in their personal details to ensure the information in our records is always current and accurate.

    Walden Way & Co will also process other technical data related to your Site use, including accessed areas, web pages, and IP addresses.

    Users are prohibited from providing any personal information that includes non-professional contact details or sensitive data linked to identifiable individuals, such as:


      The data we collect is processed for professional purposes as outlined in our Terms of Use. These purposes include but are not limited to managing the Site and its users, presenting relevant content on our Site, communicating with users, sending commercial communications, facilitating connections between software providers and users who have consented to receive more information about products and services, and any other specific purposes stated or implied within each section of the Site.


        By completing the forms and providing your details, you acknowledge that you have read and accepted the terms of this Policy. Specifically, you agree to the following:

        You have the right to revoke your agreement to collect and process personal information, without retroactive effects, per the Spanish Organic Data Protection Law.


          Users have the right to access, rectify, block, erase, and object to processing their personal information. Additionally, Users may cancel their agreement to process their details at any time. Please note that this cancellation will not apply retroactively. These rights are subject to provisions of Spanish applicable law permitting data retention for the purpose of defending Walden Way & Co’s responsibility and fulfilling legal obligations.

          To exercise the rights above, users can contact us at [email protected] or by using the contact information provided in the “Contact Us” section of the Site.


            Any User of the Site who receives personal information of other Users (referred to as the “Receiving User”) expressly agrees to the following:


              Users authorize us to disclose their data to the companies selected by Users when completing a lead form.

              Regarding international disclosures, Users expressly agree that we may disclose or transfer their data internationally to other Users and third parties outside the European Union. This international disclosure or transfer will only be carried out for the purposes described under these Terms and Conditions.


                By providing your data to Walden Way & Co during registration, you explicitly consent to receive communications relevant to the Site’s subject matter and other related services. These commercial communications, such as newsletters, alerts, offers, notices, and promotions, will be sent either by Walden Way & Co or by Software Providers to whom you have agreed to send your data about a request, lead, or software.

                If you prefer not to receive information from this Site, you can opt-out by sending a notification to [email protected].


                Our Site includes links to other websites with information policies that may differ from ours. We recommend that visitors review the respective policies of these third parties for more information. Please note that Walden Way & Co’s privacy policy does not apply, and we have no control over the actions or data submitted to, collected, or processed by these third parties.

                We may collaborate with specific third parties; however, we do not provide any personally identifiable data to these third parties without the User’s explicit agreement.

                COOKIES AND IPS

                  We may utilize IP trackers and cookies to enhance our understanding of Users’ interactions with our Site. Walden Way & Co maintains a cookies policy, which can be accessed here.


                    Third-party vendors, such as Google, utilize cookies to display ads tailored to a user’s previous visits to your website. Google’s implementation of the DoubleClick cookie allows it and its partners to deliver ads to your users based on their activity on your sites and other websites.

                    Users can opt out of the DoubleClick cookie for interest-based advertising by visiting Ads Settings. If you have yet to opt out of third-party ad serving, cookies from other third-party vendors or ad networks may also be utilized to display ads on your Site. It’s important to disclose this information in your privacy policy in the following manner:

                    1. Notify your site visitors about the third-party vendors and ad networks serving ads on your Site.
                    2. Provide links to the appropriate vendor and ad network websites for further information.
                    3. Inform your users that they can visit these websites to opt out of using cookies for interest-based advertising if the vendor or ad network offers this option. Alternatively, you can direct users to opt out of some third-party vendors’ use of cookies for interest-based advertising by visiting

                    Since publisher sites and regulations vary across countries, we cannot provide specific language for your privacy policy. However, you may find resources such as the Network Advertising Initiative helpful for drafting your privacy policy.


                      All users residing, either temporarily or permanently, within the territory of Europe are entitled to rights and protections guaranteed to them by the EU General Data Protection Regulation. These rights include:

                      1. Transparency regarding the processing and utilization of your private data. You can find comprehensive information on how your private data may be used and shared by us in this Privacy Policy document. Through this Policy, we clarify how we use and share your information. If you require additional information, you can easily reach out to us.
                      2. The right to access, restrict, or delete your private data. If you wish to modify or withdraw your consent to how we process your data, you can contact us at any time.
                      3. The right to opt-out of direct marketing services. You can revoke your consent to receive marketing materials from our platform or third-party vendors we collaborate with by following the unsubscribe instructions in our emails or contacting us directly.
                      4. The right not to be subjected to any automated decisions. Our platform only makes automated decisions that would positively affect your experience with our service. Automated technologies like cookies are solely used to recommend products in a personalized manner. We do not employ automated decision-making processes using your data that may negatively affect you.
                      5. The right to complain to a supervisory agency. Suppose you believe that our processing of your private data infringes on the rights guaranteed by the General Data Protection Regulation. In that case, you can file a complaint with a relevant supervisory agency in your residence.

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